DIY Face Shield Mask – Face Shield & Mask DIY Tutorial [No Cost + Video Supported]

DIY Face Shield Mask

DIY Face Shield Mask, this is the subject of this title. There’re many ways to protect you from COVID-19. The first is wearing a DIY Face Shield Mask. Wearing a face mask is also one of the most effective ways. However, besides these advantages, there are some disadvantages. That is, it also overwhelms people for prolonged use. However, as everything has a solution, there is also a solution 🙂 Moreover, all you need is a plastic material or just a water bottle.

DIY Face Shield Mask is exactly this system. It is an extremely protective method. We know that the coronavirus has spread with saliva ridges. With the DIY Face Shield Mask, we can now overcome this problem very easily. For this, I prepared 4 DIY Face Shield Mask tutorials compilations for you. I hope you will like it. If you like it, please remember to copy it and share it on your social media accounts. I wish you good work already 🙂

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Tutorial Link: How to Sew a Disposable Face Mask Shield by Sailrite

Tutorial Link: No-Sew Face Mask By romodoc

If you have a plastic headband, you are very lucky on the go with this so easy and quick video guide from TechnoChic:

Video Link: DIY Face shields by TechnoChic
Video Guide:



Shipping is not fast now, sometimes it may take lot of days even in Amazon. So in this case you don’t have a plastic material, instead that, recyle your plastic bottles (2 / 2.5L) to don’t waste time and money, super handy!

Video Tutorial:

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DIY Face Mask Tutorials: DIY Fabric Face Mask [+Video Guide][Free Sewing Patterns]